Learn how to import Contacts from Email and mobile devices

  • Everyone have their own kind of surroundings along with a limited circle of Friends. The time you first installs Facebook app, you may wanted to import your Favorite contacts to your Facebook and make them as your Facebook friend to stay in touch with them. In case you are troubling with your Facebook account, learn how to contact Facebook by phone instantly just by dialing Facebook Support toll free phone number +1-855-777-5686 and get the best promising solutions for your Facebook regarding queries.


    For uploading of your contacts from iPhone or Android app:

    1. Click on three horizontal lines
    2. Tap at “Friends”
    3. Browse for “Contacts” and “Get Started”

    The time you have turned on the option for Mobile contact uploading, your contacts will be automatically uploaded to Facebook whenever you opened the Facebook app.


    For uploading of your contacts from other accounts like Email:

    1. Visit to the “Friends request” page
    2. Then “Add Personal Contacts”, choose the type of Account that you would like to upload the contacts from
    3. Fill the required information
    4. Click on “Find Friends”

    There is a possibility that you may wanted to delete some specific contacts from the list that you do not want to see in your Facebook account Friend’s list. Here are the steps to delete specific and even all of the contacts you have uploaded.


    For deletion of specific contacts:

    1. Visit to the “Manage Invites and Imported Contacts” page of your Facebook profile
    2. Browse for the “Invitations sent” list
    3. Tap on the box located just next to the contact you want to delete
    4. Click on “Delete Selected”

    For deletion of all the contacts you have uploaded to your Facebook account:

    1.  Visit to the “Manage Invites and Imported Contacts”
    2. Tap on “Remove all contacts” present at the bottom of page

    We cannot delete SMS or Email invitations to join Facebook that were already sent to the contacts you already have invited.

    Whenever you add a Friend to Close Friend’s list, you will receive a notification for each time you post something. You could turn this notification Off at anytime accordingly.


    To add Friends in your Close Friend’s list:

    1. Go to your Friend’s profile
    2. Browse for Friends, and arrow facing downwards located at the top of your Profile
    3. Tap on “Select Friends”


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